OKITE® latest Collection officially revealed in Verona: NATURE Collection, The heart of the house beats in all its veins :

OKITE®NATURE Collection. The heart of the house beats in all its veins

Verona, 18-19 of May 2017; OKITE® latest “Nature Collection” has been officially revealed to a selected network of business operators.

The beauty of marble, beating heart for timeless masterpieces, comes into your designs giving a unique charm: five new stunning colors inspired by nature (8050 Statuario Extra, 8061 Carrara Gioia, 8062 Grigio Oriente, 8063 Fior di Bosco and 8064 Nero di Ormea), a mix of past and future for the eternal beauty.

Feel the beauty of timeless surfaces. A stylish Collection reflecting all the properties of the OKITE® products and embodying elegance and sophistication. 5 new colours bring you into a “new exciting world”. Made in Italy, Creativity, Technology, Design, Quality all in one Product. This is the new OKITE® Nature Collection: the eternal beauty is not so unreachable anymore, it is only a step closer.

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